The weighbridge and weighing house were used from 1933.

The weighbridge with the weighing house was created on the initiative of a group of farmers from the Groetpolder in the municipality of Winkel. In 1933 they needed a weighbridge in connection with the sale of the cultivated agricultural products. On the bridge they could drive wagons with goods and weigh the load on the wagons. They found a suitable location near a widening of the Westfriesedijk. The maximum weighing capacity was 20,000 kg according to the reading scale on the current mechanism. The construction of the weighing house with the construction of the pit for the weighbridge was awarded to the company Keuris in Schagen. A nearby farmer was appointed as weigher (the first was Dirk Molenaar).

Especially during the harvest season, the installation was used intensively to weigh straw, grain and agricultural products. Cows and pigs were also weighed regularly, and in the early years also many motor vehicles. The weighbridge was no longer used since 1990 due to new developments, as a result of which the bridge was rendered inoperable. Several of these weighbridges and houses have been built in the Netherlands, but many have since been demolished.

Sources https://www.hollandskroon.nl/system/files/2022-07/Redengende%20description%20-%20Winkel%20-%20Westfriesedijk%2036.pdf

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