Dorpstraat 217


A mansion from 1830 in the ribbon village of Nieuwe Niedorp.

A mansion from 1830. The front of the facade has a cornice and is divided into three bays. A part of a building is also called a 'bay'. The entrance with the front door with authentic door grille is located in the middle bay. A tree of life can be seen in the window above the door. The side wall has a row of wooden consoles, these are the parts protruding from the wall to support, in this case, the gutter. The hipped roof is covered with black glazed tiles and has 2 chimneys. The beautiful dormer window has a characteristic detailing with the wind spring and a T-window.

In the garden there was a small house for the maid who did the laundry with water from the well and heat from the fireplace. The house contained two water cellars and two storage cellars, one of which is still in use.

In the backyard is a large walnut tree over 100 years old.

Habitat history Klaas Groot lived in the mansion at 217 Dorpsstraat. This was close to the former cheese factory where Mr. Groot established his printing business in 1894. From 1965 to 2002 occupied by contractor C. van den Kommer and nowadays by Mrs. S. Timmer and Mr. P. Lont.

Sources Information and photos of the current owner. Archives Municipality of Hollands Kroon Information sheet Historisch Niedorp, 2018 number 1:

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Here you will find Dorpstraat 217

Dorpsstraat 217
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