Novalishoeve is a farm on Texel that provides care to people with disabilities. It is a landscape and horticulture business founded on biodynamic principles, but also dairy and beef cattle on approximately 40 hectares of land.

The milk is processed on the premises, and made into cheese, soft curd cheese, yoghurt, cakes and milk. All these dairy products, the organic meat produced by the farm and other regional products from Texel are available from our shop.

Guests – as people on Texel call tourists – have been flocking the farm, which is close to the harbour, for years. The farm has a pretty terrace next to the farm shop, and guests are invited to view and sample “forgotten” veggies, flowers and fruit.

The farm features a fun playground and go-carts for racing around the grounds. Novalishoeve regularly hosts various activities such as art-related events and demonstrations of sheep- and lamb shearing.

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