De Cultuurschuur


The Cultuurschuur is the cultural heart of Wieringerwerf and a meeting place for many.

The Cultuurschuur has been the cultural heart of Wieringerwerf since 2012. A large group of volunteers work hard to maintain the building and organize numerous activities. There are about 35 tenants who have rented space in the building: from yoga studio to dance school. The Historical Society Wieringermeer has set up an exhibition space and uses the filing cabinets of the former municipality for the association's archive. The Cultuurschuur is a meeting place for all and a beautiful cultural center with a theater hall.

History building The designer of the former town hall are the architects Berghoef and Klarenbeek. He had the idea to put decorations on the walls of the gallery. He was thinking of the work of sgraffito maker Goeting. They had worked together before. In March 1955 the contract was finally awarded to Goeting. IN ten images he tells the history of the Wieringermeer as a continuous story.

The building was festively opened on 10 September 1955 by the North Holland Queen's Commissioner Mr. Prinsen. It was then taken into use as the town hall of the Wieringermeer. The history of the polder is intertwined with the building. The water level has been made visible on the facade (NAP) after the inundation of the Wieringermeer and sgraffitos in ten scenes throughout the building tell the history of the Wieringermeer in 1930-1955. On January 1, 2012, the merged municipality of Hollands Kroon was created and the town hall lost its function.

Statue engineer Cornelis Lely Sculptor Mari Andriessen has made a statue of Cornelis Lely. This was unveiled in 1954 by Queen Juliana. A cast of the statue (first draft of the large statue) served as a backdrop for an open-air game. The image was then stored in the basement of the domain office. The municipality had bought this statue from Andriessen because the artist wanted to sell it. The statue was white and was later painted in bronze. The city council knew a place: and so it ended up in the hall of the town hall

Sources - Stichting Cultuurschuur Wieringermeer via - Book 'De Cultuurschuur – History of origins in word and image'. - Image bank of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands via

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