A tramabri is a waiting house at the tram stop. This guardhouse was built in 1910 in Barsingerhorn. From here the tram went via Wieringerwaard to Van Ewijcksluis.

The tramabri on the Heerenweg in Barsingerhorn was built around 1910. Two more of these guardhouses have been built. The client for the guardhouse was the N.V.-tramweg Wieringen - Schagen and was founded in 1907.

The tram line from Schagen to Barsingerhorn, which has been part of the tram line from Schagen to Hoorn since 1898. At Barsingerhorn, the tram line of the N.V. Tramweg Wieringen-Schagen split off and went on its own track in the direction of Wieringerwaard, with the terminus at Van Ewijcksluis. From there a ferry service went to the island of Wieringen.

The tram line was opened on March 1, 1912. The tram line was closed in 1936. The shelter was completely restored in 2000, with the material for the most part being renewed. The track is no longer there. The route is still visible. The current shelter is now used as a starting point for walks.

Source: The reasoning description of the provincial monument can be found via the monument register of the Municipality of Hollands Kroon:

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