Experience center Veldzichthoeve


Experience center Veldzichthoeve: sustainable dairy farm, BEEMSTER farm shop with Beemster cheese and regional products from the head of Noord-Holland and meeting nationally.

Veldzicht Hoeve is a sustainable dairy farm and step by step towards energy neutral. They have a beautiful BEEMSTER farm shop on their own yard with Beemster cheese and local products from the North of Holland. From March 2019 you can also meet here nationwide: cows, green, sustainable, peace, space and inspiration.

Veldzichthoeve provides group tours for a minimum of 8 people in Dutch, English and German. After the tour, we invite you for a cup of coffee or tea and you can quietly watch a film about the entire business process, in which the animal welfare, the milking robot, grazing, cabbage cultivation and the sauerkraut process, the greenest cheese factory in the world and our farm shop are central.

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Here you will find Experience center Veldzichthoeve

Doorbraakweg 6
1735 EK 'T VELD
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