Brink 55


The Reformed church with sexton's house dates from 1932. Nowadays, small-scale assisted living has been realized in the church.

In 1932 the church building with sexton's house for the Dutch Reformed Congregation of Slootdorp built. In 1946, the damage caused by the flooding of the Wieringermeer (inundation) was repaired by architect G. van Hoogevest in Amersfoort. He probably also made the original church design.

The hall church is covered with a low-pitched gable roof with the ridge line in an east-west direction and has a tower on the west. All roof shields are covered with black Dutch tiles. The church has four bays, divided by three sloping buttresses.

The (encapsulated) tower that stands centrally on the facade has a steep and overhanging gable roof covered with black Dutch tiles. The canopied main entrance of the church with double wooden doors is centrally located in the facade. To the right of the main entrance, a stone commemorating the construction has been bricked in.

The austere, largely intact interior of the church has exposed trusses, a paneled roof, an original bench plan, an original pulpit and original stained glass consisting of rectangular panes in various colours. The outline of the tower is recognizable in the interior.

In 2004 there are construction activities next to the church building on the Brink, houses are being built. This is visible in one of the photos.

The church served as a cultural center for some time. In 2019, a permit was granted for the construction of six care homes. The church has therefore been completely renovated, while retaining the characteristic elements of the monument. The organ has also been preserved. The Pioneer House has now been opened and offers a home and daytime activities to people with a mental disability.

The church building with the sexton's house has the status of a national monument. The organ is excluded from monumental protection.

Sources Register of monuments via Image bank of the Alkmaar Regional Archives via

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Brink 55
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