Proeflokaal Dokkum


Sliding at the table at Proef | Lokaal Dokkum is an experience and surprise at the same time. This is the new Frisian cuisine; an ode to the flavors of Fryslân.

Proef | Lokaal Dokkum is a tribute to the region in which the town is located. The Unesco World Heritage Wadden area, National Park the Noardlike Fryske Wâlden and everything in between: this is the place where our food grows, where we are proud of, where we feel rich.

In an intimate and professional setting, we honor the sea and the land in its purest form. We would like to invite you to a culinary journey around the world led by chefs Liudger van der Meer and Geert-Jan Vaartjes. They combine local, honest flavors with worldly and modern techniques. The result? Special dishes in which you taste and smell the richness of Fryslân.

In both the restaurant and the lounge you will be spoiled with dishes that have it all. Taste, smell, color and experience. It's all in the menus where no sense is lacking. This is the new Frisian cuisine; an ode to the flavors and products of Fryslân.

Proef | Lokaal Dokkum is affiliated with the 'Dutch Cuisine'. Dutch Cuisine stands for the identity of Dutch cuisine, a cuisine that is unique in the world and of which we are proud. We work with the 80/20 principle. This means that we strive for 80% of what we serve to come from regional products, and 20% from the rest of the world. With us, it also means that 80% of the dishes are vegetables and 20% are meat or fish.

Here you will find Proeflokaal Dokkum

Proeflokaal Dokkum
Markt 30 A
9101 LS Dokkum
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