De Utrecht


A hidden gem in the middle of downtown Leeuwarden. Built in 1904 in art nouveau style, crammed with sayings, lavishly decorated and full of symbolism. Carefully provided with high-quality contemporary additions in 2021. Open to the public!

Awarded the NRP Gulden Feniks Wildcard in November 2022!

A hidden gem in the middle of downtown Leeuwarden.
Built in 1904 in art nouveau style, crammed with spells, lavishly decorated and full of symbolism. In 2021 carefully provided with high-quality contemporary additions. Open to the public!

Recently, the national monument by architects Alexander Kropholler (1881-1973) and Jan Frederik Staal (1879-1940) was thoroughly remodeled and expanded with a new addition. Attached tilted triangles connect the first floor of the monument via the dormer to the attic. A design by Borren Staalenhoef Architects. On the outside, the roof has been given a brilliant skin of ceramic elements, developed in collaboration with Royal Tichelaar Makkum. Bronze-glazed "trays" in five variations give the monument a futuristic twist, with a nod to the exuberance of Kropholler and Staal.

The building has been transformed into a mini-stage and presentation space for visual artists, designers and writers. Around The Platform, the new section in the center of the building, work is displayed by artists who enter into a dialogue with the building.

Once certainties were sold in De Utrecht, now uncertainties are embraced. Several times a year, an artist is invited to set up the space as he or she sees fit and present new work created in dialogue with the idiosyncratic building. Regularly accompanying these specials, The U presents a luxuriously designed book and a filmed documentary about the artist. 

Those interested in the remarkable history and lavish interior of the national monument and visitors to the contemporary art exhibition are welcome on Fridays and Saturdays!

Check the website first, as opening dates and times may vary as exhibitions change. 

On the site you can book a time slot prior to your visit.
On the website you will also find artist specials and the book Toevoegingen (Additions), about the history of The U and the interventions made by contemporary designers.

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