'The Other Museum', from classic cars to lace


'The Other Museum', from classic cars to lace. Our museum has an incredible collection of classic cars, as well as an beautiful (and huge) model railway. Other collections include lace and textiles, radios, and Meccano.

'The Other Museum', from classic cars to lace, welcomes you to our unique collection of exhibitions

  • Classic cars: we have an incredible collection of more than 30 cars, most of which date from before the Second World War. A number of the first production cars are on exhibition, inclding a Ford Model-T, and Peugeot from 1903 (one of only five in the world). We also have the oldest Chrysler in Europe, and a real James Bond car. Some of our later cars still take part in rallies!
  • Textiles/lace: Our vast exhibition of lace takes in examples from across Europe, including cushions and other fancy goods that were all made by hand. A new exhibit is an 18th Century-style room dedicated to Maria Louise van Hessen-Kessel, one of the forebears of the current Dutch Royal Family. The room even has some of the Van Hessen-Kessel's clothing!
  • Radio Collection: In our museum café, you'll find a spectacular collection of Phillips radios from the 1930's. We have a number of rare models, including the 'Cathedral', and the 'Spring Herald'.
  • Trains: The museum has an exceptional assembly of 1:22 scale trains, hanging on a platform so you can get a view of all sides of the action. The collection includes Dutch trains, and an outstanding example of a train with something to do with James Bond!
  • Meccano: We also show outstanding examples of Meccano, a construction game from the early 20th Century. Our assemblies (many of which are moving!) includes the Eifel Tower, a Ferris Wheel, and a train.

 Plenty of reasons to come to 'The Other Museum, from classic cars to lace'

We can arrange various group activities, including family reunions, birthday parties, and so on. The museum also organises auto-club rallies, wedding car hire (with chauffeur), and themed school activities. We have a range of meeting facilities, and can organised various receptions and exhibition. Our museum also gives craft workshops, and we now have a rotating exhibition space- just check out our website.

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Here you will find 'The Other Museum', from classic cars to lace

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