The taste of Ameland

Ameland is extremely diverse and the flavours of the island are the proof in the pudding. In the buckthorn and cranberry products from the dunes. In the lamb from the Vennoot whose animals are free to graze the salty marshlands. In the Amelander dairy and agricultural products from the Polder and in the shellfish from the Wadden Sea. Want a taste of the real Ameland? Then look for products with the Amelands Produkt label. Producers and restaurants can be found all over the island.   

  • Flavourful stories

    We don't know what we enjoy more at Harmen Wijnberg's, the stories or the flavours. You decide.

    Flavourful stories
  • DIY

    Watching is great, but doing it yourself is always more fun. No matter how old you are. And that goes for mustard making as well.

  • Gastronomic delights under the mast

    Double the fun with a Wadden culinary boat holiday.

    Gastronomic delights under the mast

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