Herb-rich grasslands and salty marshlands

The dairy farm Zuivelboerderij Ameland is protected by the Nature Conservation Act of 1928. Feel free to stroll along the walking path or wander the grounds. Double your fun!

You'll find the ‘Halfweg’ country estate on the connecting road between Ballum and Hollum. You can see the grounds from the public walking path. The organic farmer's Groninger Blaarkoppen (blister heads) graze on herb-rich grassland. Meadow birds enjoy an oasis of space. 

Full-fat yoghurt, quark, etc. are made from the milk at the farm using traditional methods. You can purchase these products in the farm shop. We all scream for ice cream! Bakkerij de Jong's ice cream parlour in Nes will certainly have you screaming with delight. If you had any doubts that Amelander dairy can be used to make delicious cheese, a visit to Kaasboerderij Ameland in Hollum will put your mind at ease. And they also sell ice cream. Or sit down at one of the restaurants that use dairy from the island in their dishes, such as Brasserie Qurios.

Ameland has more than just dairy cows. Many lambs and beef cattle graze on the salty marshlands of the Vennoot (‘t Fennoat in the Ameland dialect). The Kiewiet family has their unique Herefords grazing here.

This area was created after a drift dike was constructed between the Kooi dunes and the Oerd. In 1921 farmers from nearby Buren founded an association to ensure that grazing on the new marshland would be managed correctly. This association is known locally as ‘de Vennoot’. 

The Vennoot has more than 500 shares; these shares determine how many animals the group is allowed to graze. One share equals half a horse, half a cow, one yearling (cow) or two sheep. You can taste the salty flavours of the marshland in the Vennoot meat. If you're a meat eater you won't want to miss trying it for yourself. You'll find the real Amelander lamb and the very unique organic beef from the Kiewiet family's Herefords at the Johan de Jong butcher shop in Nes.

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