Discover the Wadden

UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Wadden Sea: the most beautiful nature reserve in the Netherlands. Walking the mudflats, experiencing real darkness in the Dark Sky Park and enjoying a culinary Wadden experience. An area with infinite possibilities. Click on the videos below for an impression of the beautiful Wadden area. 

Hiking on the mudflats

At low tide, part of the Wadden Sea floor falls dry. This is the time to take a walk on the bottom of the sea, you can really enjoy the overwhelming silence. On the way, you will discover why the Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Running dry on the mudflats

The Wadden Sea, with its constant cycle of ebb and flow, has been running dry for many years. Since 2009, the Wadden Sea region has been a World Heritage Site. Because of this UNESCO-status the Wadden Sea region is a unique place to run dry!

Experience the Dark Sky Park

Real darkness is becoming increasingly scarce. Fortunately, in the recognised Dark Sky Parks you can experience darkness not only intensely, but also in many different ways. In the Dark Sky Park, it is so dark that you suddenly see many new things. Sometimes you can even see the Northern Lights.

Culinary Wadden experience

The Wadden Sea region is full of surprising flavours. Like oysters, marsh samphire and of course fresh fish. You can find these salty flavours in the North of the Netherlands. Along the Wadden Sea coast, you can enjoy the taste of the Wadden Sea. In short, you can fill your plate with the most delicious dishes from the Wadden area!