6 times out and about with kids

In the Wadden area there is plenty to do with children. Here the little adventurers get the chance to discover the inhabitants of the mud flats. From tough fishermen hauling in their catch to funny crabs shuffling across the sand, and even mischievous gnomes playing hide and seek among the corn. So put on your boots, grab your landing net and be amazed by this unique area. Ready to explore the Wadden area? Go on an adventure here.

Tough rescue heroes

Den Helder - At the National Lifeboat Museum Dorus Rijkers you can browse among historic lifeboats and participate in exhibits about rescue operations. A nice extra: children can transform themselves into true rescue heroes in a special play area. The museum shows you how brave and determined those rescue services are, but you can also secretly set up your own "rescue missions." Guarantee a day full of adventure, laughter and maybe even a few "helpless" hugs to be rescued. Bring out the hero in yourself.

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Camping with residents of the mudflats

Kollum - Camping with your children at It Dreamlân in Friesland is one big adventure. In the middle of nature, enjoy setting up their own tent and prepare them for a camping adventure. And there is plenty to discover. Romp around in the playground, take a dip in the lake and even build their own huts in the adventure forest. At night together around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and swapping stories under a brilliant starry sky. Here they can let their imaginations run wild.

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Search wandering for pointy hats

Saaxumhuizen - At the Flower Farm in Saaxumhuizen, Groningen, an adventure in the corn maze awaits children of all ages. Between the tall corn stalks they can wander, looking for the right way. Along the way they can find very small inhabitants of the Wadden area. Namely gnomes hidden in the maze. Here you will experience a day full of fun, challenge and also enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. Will you find the right way out again?

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Fish to one of the smallest mudflats inhabitants

Den Oever - With De Groot Recreation you and your children go on an exciting. Armed with fishing rods and nets, you step out to sea full of enthusiasm. The children show off their fishing skills. Accompanied by expert guides, you go shrimp hunting. And then there is the moment. The nets are pulled up and the shrimp come out. Taste the shrimp together and discover all about the wonderful underwater world. Shrimp fishing in the Wadden area is a real adventure and an unforgettable experience.

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Animal spotting in the mud

Paesens-Moddergat - Wadlopen with children at Paesens-Moddergat is an unforgettable adventure. Together you step onto the bottom of the muddy Wadden Sea. With a tough guide showing the way. Along the way, children spot shells, crabs and maybe even seals. An exciting trip that gives little explorers a greater appreciation for our unique World Heritage Site. A mudflat walking adventure full of wonder.

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Rovers of the Wadden Sea in the patch

Pieterburen - Lying so relaxed on the edge of a basin, you would almost forget that seals are the biggest predators of the Wadden Sea. The Pieterburen seal center takes in seals that are sick or have lost their mothers. Once they have recovered, they are returned to the mud flats. During a visit to the Seal Center you will learn all about the seals and their habitat. During the summer vacations, they organize fun extra activities every day. Join a seal watcher, watch the animals being fed or play the seal quiz.

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