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Tag along on a Wadden fishing trip with a mudflat sled and learn how the sustainable fishermen of Lauwersoog fish responsibly and with respect for the seasons.

Kraite: a slikslee (mudflat sled) or waddenstep (Wadden scooter). Known by many names, this vehicle was once used for fishing on foot. Fishermen used it to reach the exposed plates to empty their traps and purse seines and then 'sled' or 'scooter' back with an eel or flounder for dinner. Races with them are still organised today. 

’t Ailand in Lauwersoog uses them for their Wadvistochten. Join fishermen Jan Geertsema and Barbara Rodenburg on the Wadden and discover how the sustainable fishermen of Lauwersoog fish with respect for nature and the seasons. And oh the amazing tales they have to tell. Jan will happily explain how he can see by the water if a mullet is 'grazing' there. You can see smaller waves within the waves, he says. Mullets are vegetarians and they feed on the algae at the bottom of the Wadden Sea. 

When the water level is low, no more than 30 centimetres, the seabed is easy to see through the clear water.

Fresh tracks from grazing mullets are also easy to recognize. You can see two lighter tracks in the sediment on the seabed where they have been eating. When Jan discovers small ripples in the waves he knows he's found one. Fishing like it's been done for centuries. 

Back at ’t Ailand you will be treated to everything the sea has to offer, prepared with the greatest attention to detail. It's no coincidence that the company was started by Carlo Petrini, the founder of Slow Food International. Everything you taste here is fair and pure. They will even show you how to prepare the Wadden Sea products in their fish workshop if you want. Filleting fish, opening oysters, cooking with seaweed. You'll leave here with a belly full of food and a head full of knowledge. 

But there are more sustainable fishermen who will welcome you on board too. Fisherman and ecologist Jaap Vegter from Vissers van de Kust will gladly take you along for a fishing or oyster picking excursion in a small group. An extraordinary experience focusing on one another, the surroundings and fascinating stories.

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