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754: Bonifatius was murdered near Dokkum. What the history books don’t mention: this event also marked the start of a special brewing tradition. Dokkum once had 19 breweries and beer is still being brewed here. 

Dokkum's beer tradition is connected to the Bonifatius source. On top of the terp, inside of the Abdijkerk (Abbey church), a miraculous freshwater spring appeared in a salty marshland environment. This was an important resource before the construction of the dikes. Monks began using the fresh water for brewing. Beer brewing really took flight later on thanks to urban entrepreneurs. Beer is still being brewed in Dokkum. Visit the small Stadsbrouwerij Bonifatius where you can taste all kinds of Bonifatius beers.

Exceptional beers with beautifully designed labels, such as the Klooster Fruit Bier made of black mulberries. And don't miss the chance to see the oldest black mulberry tree in Europe near the Grote or Saint Martin's Church in Dokkum's city centre. The wheat beer from the city brewery is made with seaweed from the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. At brewery Dockum just outside the city centre, brewers are also looking for the ideal combination of popular traditions and refreshing new ideas. For example, they still make beer with sweetgale, a predecessor to hops once used by the monks. 

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