Farmers with a minimal 'foodprint'

Sustainable wine tasting? In the Groninger Hogeland the farmers work with and for nature. Discover this beautiful landscape on foot or by bike.

Horaholm in Hornhuizen is an extremely sustainable organic agricultural company. Farmers with a minimal foodprint. The company has an in-house shop where you can buy organic potatoes and vegetables. And while you're there, why not take a look at the gorgeous flowers that frame the farmland; nutritious for the bees and insects and a feast for our eyes. You can walk or bike on a 2 km long path along the plots.

Come and meet the Groninger cows, a cross between Blaarkops and Holsteiners, at WaddenMax. This is an organic, dynamic dairy farm where cheese, butter, milk and cottage cheese are made. Cows with horns need more space and they certainly get plenty of that here, both in the fields and in the stables. Nor have the meadow birds been forgotten. You're sure to hear the lapwings twittering away. Curious? Do your grocery shopping on the farm and take a walk along the cow path that runs from the back garden to the sea dike and Lauwersmeer.  

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