Finger-licking good beans and peas

They were threatened with extinction but Dick Trom and the Kollumer zoete grauwe erwt (sweet grey pea) are back! And this won’t surprise you once you’ve tasted them. The Dik Trom and Kollumer zoete Grauwe erwt is not only surprisingly tasty but also perfect for vegetarian menus. Rich in protein, iron and vitamins. And they even help to lower cholesterol levels. 

Do you think eating beans is old-fashioned? Not according to us. Beans are versatile and form the basis for many delicious vegetarian recipes. How about grey pea soup, hummus, roasted peas or bean croquettes? You can do so much with them. Dried beans, such as lemon beans, brown and white beans and marrowfat peas must be soaked first. Soak them in water overnight (minimum of 12 hours). Strain the beans and boil them in fresh water without salt for 1 hour until they are soft. You can add a twig of thyme or a bay leaf. Strain the beans and remove the herbs. 

Many Frisian beans come from the Bildt, the oldest Dutch polder. The name originates from the Dutch word for sedimentation. The area consists mainly of very fertile sea clay, which is excellent for agriculture. Even for biodynamic agriculture like at akkerbedrijf Bruinsma in Sexbierum. Farmers are currently also experimenting with the salty cultivation of potatoes and grains. The seed potatoes from this area are distributed all over the world. The Bildt is full of unique crops from the past and you'll find a few old orchards with old-fashioned fruit varieties.

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