Mastering the craft at the Bonte Belevenis

The Bonte Belevenis Estate is situated among the beautiful surroundings near the Dunes of Texel National Park. Try your hand at making various traditional products, like baking bread. Or take a tour and tantalise your senses with the craftsmanship of artisan brewers and distillers.

Whisky is one of the products made at the Bonte Belevenis and you'll learn all about the production process during a guided tour. From grain grinding to distilling, cooling and aging in casks. Fortunately you don’t have to wait for the whisky you saw being made to have a taste, because the aging process takes at least three years, otherwise it can't be called whisky. The Bonte Belevenis uses grain from Texel, some of it smoked on seaweed, for this process. This makes De Lepelaar a genuine Texelse whisky. 

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