Rolling smoke house and the best eel

When you’re driving along the Afsluitdijk you can see them at work, near the monument: Harm and Lonneke from De Lekkerste Paling. During the season - until 1 September - the sustainable fishermen catch eel from the Wadden Sea. Fair fish caught with respect for nature.

Every eel is carefully pickled and smoked. A labour-intensive job. There are 7 stages before the eel is ready to eat. Harm and Lonneke pickle with care and use beech and oak for smoking. A secret recipe you can taste in every single eel. On Fridays and Saturdays the Food Truck selling freshly smoked eel can be found on Havenweg 12 in Den Oever, right across from the Dekamarkt. 

Have you ever eaten eel from the Wadden Sea caught in May? That is a very special treat because the eels feed on crabs that have just molted and the flavour is absolutely unique.

Do you want to learn more about eel fishing? Then tag along with the eel fishermen. You'll get the full experience and even feel like you're in a completely different world. Lonneke says everyone returns from these trips very content. 

One of the fishermen is Teun Barelds. He fishes in the beautiful harbour of De Haukes. This is a very special place where fishing for eel and pike is done in a small-scale and sustainable way. Bream and minnows are also caught in winter. 

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