Take a walk with Gerrit de Oesterman

Take a walk along the Wadden with Vlieland native Gerrit to discover everything about what lives there and what's edible. Afterwards you can enjoy the oysters you picked yourself.

Gerrit de Oesterman is a true islander, beachcomber and fisherman. Gerrit takes you on a trip along the Wadden while telling you about the tides and pointing out all of the edible fauna and flora around. He’s a treasure-trove of knowledge when it comes to the island’s history. His family has been living on Vlieland for generations.

All Wadden life is interconnected, from the tube worm to the seal. It’s important to remember though that despite its rugged and wild appearance from the top of the dike, the Wadden are an environmentally sensitive habitat. Walking on the Wadden with the vast stretch of them ahead of you will make you feel like a tiny speck in the universe. It gives you a sense of respect for nature, but also for the people who managed to survive here on what nature provided back in the day. Gerrit the fisherman can spin beautiful tales of this past.

You also get to pick your own oysters during the excursion. De Oesterman knows exactly where to find the best ones. But how are you supposed to eat oysters? And what do you eat and drink with them? He can tell you that, too. After the walk you'll make your way to the beachcomber garden where absolutely heavenly ingredients and condiments are ready for you to turn your hand-picked oysters into an unforgettable taste experience.

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