The Grain Republic

In springtime the rapeseed paints the Oldambt yellow and the grains flutter across the vast polders in the summer. Discover the story of the ‘Grain Republic’ in Bad Nieuweschans.

The Grain Republic found a new home in an old tram depot in Bad Nieuweschans. Here you can eat bread the way bread was meant to be, made with grain from the region. A slow rise - up to three days - sourdough gives the bread its very unique flavour. They also have grain for granola and muesli, pasta, beer and jenever. 

The Grain Republic is a cooperation of farmers and grain-processing companies working together for sustainable production with locally sourced grain that is processed, eaten and sold in the region.

Collaborating instead of competing is the name of the game for these farmers. There are also test fields to research the taste and characteristics of small amounts of grain, or to use them in the bakery or the malt house. Old varieties are being revived and new discoveries are being made. This bread is so delicious you won't want to put anything on it.

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