Waddenbelevingspunt Den Oever

A lovely outlook tower has been built in the harbour near Den Oever at the foot of the Afsluitdijk. This Waddenbelevingspunt gives you a unique view over the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as 't Oeverse Schor and Leidam nature reserves, boasting Europe’s largest spoonbill colony in the summer. It is also one of the darkest spots in the Netherlands, perfect for stargazing. 

One single overview
What’s really nice about this outlook tower is that it gives you views of the Afsluitdijk and Wadden Sea as well as the marshland situated behind; it's a 360 degree view of what land and sea have to offer. After high tide a layer of mud is left behind which makes the soil very fertile. This attracts even more types of birds making it the ideal spot for birdwatchers. But the ‘regular’ visitor will never forget the incredible views.

The mudflats near Den Oever are an interesting place for so many reasons. A view of the harbour, mudflats, piers and the Afsluitdijk. Various halophile plants and insects can also be seen here. And the seals are always close by. 

High tide refuges
On the same Wadden dike near Den Oever is another outlook point and further up near Normerven there is an outlook shield both with a view of the important high tide refuges for birds. 

Thousands of birds come to rest here during high tide: large numbers of oystercatchers, avocets, bar-tailed godwits and red knots as well as ringed plover, dunlins and little stints. 

You can get close enough to see the spectacular flocks of birds with binoculars but we really recommend a telescope. There is a permanent telescope at the outlook point so you will be able to get a good view of the spoonbill colony. 

If you want to move more freely you can borrow binoculars from Vogelbescherming Nederland completely free Viscentre ’t Wad (Haventerrein 4, open 11 am to 6:30 pm, 50 euro deposit).


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