Networking, food routes, and online marketplaces


Along the Wadden coast of North Holland, Friesland, Groningen, and the Wadden Islands, 'experience clusters' are being formed. These are regional networks of 'green-conscious' Wadden entrepreneurs and experts in Wadden food, sustainable agriculture & fisheries, hospitality, regional promotion, nature, and cultural heritage. Thematic inspiration cards, food routes, and online marketplaces are being developed in collaboration with entrepreneurs from these experience clusters. These initiatives stem from connecting themes and are inspired by the landscape, healthy food with a minimal footprint, and the Wadden Sea World Heritage. The coordination is managed by the Waddengroep Foundation.

Thematic inspiration cards

Inspiration cards serve as the foundation, narrating the landscape story of a specific region in relation to the Wadden food offerings in that area. Entrepreneurs, food routes (including existing routes), regional recipes, online marketplaces, and other tourist offerings suitable for the target audience are linked to the inspiration cards. It provides tourists with a flexible approach to exploring the region. For the Waddengastronomy project, 26 inspiration cards are being created.

Food routes

For the project, fifty cycling and hiking routes have been developed, allowing cyclists and hikers to discover the landscape, local products, and entrepreneurs in a specific Wadden region. These routes, interspersed with stops related to nature and culture, are attractive for the environmentally conscious tourist. Additionally, 'connecting routes' are being created. These are routes between the Wadden Islands and the Wadden coast with specific connecting themes. Examples include a beer route that goes from Vlieland through Texel to Den Helder or a Wieringer-Texel route due to historical connections. Other examples are the connection between Holwerd and Terschelling and the connection between the Groningen coast and Schiermonnikoog. In these routes, we tell the story of the Wadden Sea World Heritage. Boat routes are also part of the program, especially accessible to the traditional sailing ships (the 'brown fleet'). The goal is to develop three connecting routes.

Online Wadden marketplace

The Wadden marketplace is a platform where various webshops from entrepreneurs within the experience clusters network are showcased. These are online stores that sell Wadden products targeting local, regional, and/or national areas. In this way, the Waddengroep aims to centralize the online offering. The actual transactions, of course, take place at the entrepreneurs' own shops. Prior to the formation of this platform, the Waddengroep conducts four pilot studies to investigate best cases, feasibility, and what works and what doesn't. This involves assessing the extent to which entrepreneurs are willing to collaborate in the sale and distribution of their products, thereby promoting sustainability. These studies are conducted in Texel, Ameland, Northeast Friesland, and Groningen. Additionally, the Waddengroep Foundation conducts a 'Wadden-wide' inventory of suitable webshops for the online Wadden marketplace.

For more information, you can reach out to the respective contacts based on the Wadden coast area:

Wadden Coast North Holland, Texel, and Vlieland:

Annette van Ruitenburg

Phone: 06-25081083


Wadden Coast Friesland, Terschelling, and Ameland:

Henk Pilat

Phone: 06-54341610


Wadden Coast Groningen and Schiermonnikoog:

Frank Dankmeijer

Phone: 0511-542525


Secretariat of St. Waddengroep:

Phone: 0511-542525



The inspiration cards and food routes were created within the framework of the program 'Waddengastronomy strengthens World Heritage Experience.' The Wadden Fund enables the program with a financial contribution. The provinces of Noord-Holland, Fryslân, and Groningen co-finance the project, and project partners NHL Stenden and the Waddengroep Foundation/entrepreneurs also contribute their own share.

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