Wieringen: former island of flavour

According to Jan Rotgans the western part of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site is the most beautiful part of the Wadden. Fishing tales? Discover it for yourself during one of the culinary excursions he organises on his ship Johanna II. Small or large groups or individuals: everyone is welcome aboard. On board Johan spins interesting tales about fishing and the Wadden Sea.

And you can also venture onto the Wadden with Johan to collect you own dinner. You can watch and see how everything is prepared. And help, of course. Then you'll enjoy a pure and organic meal on board the ship. Captain’s diner. This is how delicious the Wadden can be. 

Just as other fishermen in the Wadvissersgilde Jan Rotgans doesn't just sail on the Wadden Sea.

There's also a trip to Het Schor, a transition area between the Wadden Sea and the mainland where you'll find salty vegetables, such as glasswort and lamb’s ear. Smell, feel and taste this extraordinary area.

“And then people call the evening before to ask if we’re sure we won't cancel, since they’ve heard it will be raining and very windy. Of course we’ll go ahead; we only cancel if there are strong northern winds of more than 7 knots.”

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