't Pannekoekschip Leeuwarden


Nostalgia... On this very cosy ship you will eat the best pancakes in Friesland! Just the two of you, the whole family or why not ... with the whole family! A family-friendly restaurant with a children's corner. Capt'n Pancake welcomes you on board!

As soon as you step inside our ship, you will go back in time. You end up in the hold of a 43 meter long two-masted clipper. One of the largest clippers ever built in the Netherlands.

You walk over the original wooden floor to your table, and on the way, you’ll see old hatches and characteristic portholes with a view of the water on both the port and starboard sides. The ship exudes the original ship's atmosphere: as if it could sail away to the open sea.

The only thing that has changed noticeably since the last time the ship sailed is the smell in the ship. In the past, the sailors regularly disembarked from the ship with scurvy. Your mouth is watering upon arrival (figuratively then!) as soon as the tempting smell of freshly baked pancakes enters your nose.

In this real family restaurant , there is capacity for 135 guests. You can come for lunch, dinner or take a tour with a group through the canals on a whisper-quiet barge and then come and eat pancakes.

There is also a play corner, there are colouring sheets and many surprise pancakes for the children. They can choose if they want to become Captain Hook, a pirate or a princess, for example. In short: If you would like to eat out in a cosy and especially affordable way, you should definitely make a reservation. Just the two of you, the whole family or why not.... the whole family! 't Pannekoekschip....the family-friendly restaurant in Friesland! Capt'n Pancake welcomes you on board!


Here you will find 't Pannekoekschip Leeuwarden

Willemskade 69
8911AZ Leeuwarden
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