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Hire a Summer Chile boat from the Ouwe Seun.

Hello Fryslân! Here we come

Peace and space

From Harlingen, you pop straight across the holy water of the Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour) into the real Friesland through the Hegewiersterfjild nature reserve, along and through villages where you can moor for a snack or a drink. But above all, you will enjoy the peace and space around you, dreaming away and not worrying about the amount of your retirement. Isn't that a bold plan?

Your Chile boat as a true holiday paradise

Having a holiday and still wanting to stay close to home, isn't that a bit of a shame? Far from it! How to do that? With a Summer Chile boat from the Ouwe Seun, because we turn your Chile boat into a true holiday paradise. You can completely relax without having to clunk (walk) a single kilometre. You will sail over the most beautiful part of the Eleven Cities Tour, and we will accessorise your Chile boat with comfortable chairs, colourful cushions and African beanbags. Let the jungle fever begin. So cast off the ropes Tarzan, jump on board, Jane is already in Chile mode.

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Here you will find Boat Hire Ouwe Seun

Jacob Backerstraat 39
8861HW Harlingen
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