Museumboerderij Tante Jaantje


In the farm is a lot of attention is dedicated to: What a beachcomber finds; breakwaters; lifeboat station Callantsoog; beautiful places in Callantsoog on slides; scale models from dunes and village; tools; old postcards and pictures; and carts on the his...

Specialties: The farm is a 'Westfriese duinstolp' from a couple centuries ago. There are only a few of these 'duinstolpen' left in the northern dunes territory, more so, our 'stolp' is probably the last one which is in such an authentic state. The 'stolp' with farmyard shows wonderfully how the ancient habitants of these poor region lived and worked. In this farm a lot of wood from shipwrecks has been used.

History: The museum-farm is located on such a level, of which we assume it has been habituated very early. It is certain that there was already an agricultural neighbourhood unit on that place in 1536. 'die was genaemt Sevenhuysen'. At the time, there was put a small dike around the Jewel, a waddenarea. This allowed cows to graze. This higher spot, surrouded at 3 sides from the dunes and besides the Jewel, was discovered soon by our ancestors. It is there they built their farms. At high tide the cuddle was quickly on high grounds. 'Tante Jaantje' was not the only farm at this level. There have been two others on the eastside. One has been burned down before Worldwar II and the other has been dismantled in 1946. In 1900 there were 11 farms at 'de Buurt' (now Dorpsplein) 

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Here you will find Museumboerderij Tante Jaantje

Dorpsplein 33
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