Heidense kapel - Smerperweg


The Heathen Chapel at the cemetery on Stroe is special because, according to tradition, a small church has stood on this location since around 700 AD. The chapel was built in 2016 on the initiative of local residents.

A chapel was built on the Stroe cemetery in 2016. At the time, a group of local residents took the initiative to build a sober and compact chapel at this special location.

There are several stories about this location. According to tradition, Willibrord founded a wooden church on this location around 700 AD. Around 1100 the first tuff church was built on this site. The small church was known to the community as 'De Heidense Kapel'. The small church was demolished around 1880. It is therefore not known what exactly this chapel and any predecessors may have looked like. The current chapel opened in 2016.

The chapel is open from sunrise to sunset. Check the website for more information.

Sources Website of the Heidense Kapel: www.heidensekapel.info

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Here you will find Heidense kapel - Smerperweg

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