Terschelling by horse

Seated on a horse you see the island from a different perspective. There are lots of beautiful equestrian trails leading you through woods and dunes, the most amazing place to ride is on the  beach. Terschelling is unique, because you can gallop along the tide line 365 days a year. Traditionally, Terschelling’s inhabitants go out with a flatbed horsewagon and well-stocked picnic basket. You can experience the same sensations of fun during a covered wagon ride, with a coachman who tells tasty tales. Besides this, the island has many more horseback traditions, such as trotting races, harness races and ring lancing. Seeing a rescue demonstration with the horse sloop is another interesting experience. The workshops on swimming or coaching with horses are particularly special. All over the island there are horses which can be hired for individual trips or group trips. Kids can hit the trails on a pony.



Oosterend 39
8897 HX Oosterend Terschelling
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