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Active or relaxing? The Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone. Blokarting over the beach or kite surfing near the Afsluitdijk. Roam carefree on the beach or take a stroll through the hinterland. Sustainable festivals and farmers’ markets. Nocturnal promenades and salty food excursions. The Wadden is your oyster!

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  • Hermans Dijkstra farm

    Hermans Dijkstra farm

    Restaurant Hermans Dijkstra is located in the barn of the farm. A lovely diner is possible from Thursday till Sunday evening....

    Reinste Abdenaweg 1
    9681 BC Midwolda

  • Old Farmhouse - B&B de Hugt

    Old Farmhouse - B&B de Hugt

    Bed and Breakfast de Hugt is located between the farmlands near Ulrum and near National Park Lauwersmeer. The rooms are spacious,...

    Ir. A.J. van den Brielweg 1
    9971 TA Ulrum

  • Pastorie Marie

    Pastorie Marie

    Oudeschild is a nice fishing village on the east side of Texel and the only village on the island that lies directly on the sea....

    De Ruyterstraat 128
    1792 AP Oudeschil

  • Locomotive depot

    Locomotive depot

    Until 1935, De Oude Remise was used as the shed of the State Railways. When the building was built in 1877, there was room for...

    Oudezijl 1
    9693 PA Bad Nieuweschans

  • De Jongens uit de buurt

    De Jongens uit de buurt

    Restaurant De Jongens uit de buurt is gevestigd op Marenland Recreatie in Winsum.

    Marenland Recreatie
    Winsumerdiep 6
    9951 CG Winsum

  • Restaurant De Molenaar

    Restaurant De Molenaar

    At Restaurant de Molenaar in Onderdendam you can enjoy a pleasant afternoon or evening out and a special overnight stay. Come...

    Uiterdijk 4
    9959 PK Onderdendam

  • Golf van Termunterzijl

    Golf van Termunterzijl

    De Golf van Termunterzijl vertelt als Landmark geen eigen verhaal maar laat het landschap en bewoners hun verhaal vertellen. Bezoekers...


  • Flora maritime and beachcombers' museum

    Flora maritime and beachcombers' museum

    Visitors to the Flora maritime and beachcombers' museum will experience the tough, rugged world of beachcombing and learn about...

    Pontweg 141 A
    1796 MA De Koog

  • Herberg-Restaurant Molenrij

    Herberg-Restaurant Molenrij

    Herberg Restaurant Molenrij is een gezellig restaurant aan de Groninger Waddenkust. Lokale, verse producten zijn het recept voor...

    Henricus van Cappenbergweg 34
    9977 RW Molenrij

  • Mini-campground Helmzicht

    Mini-campground Helmzicht

    With us, you can camp around a 100-year-old farm, which is now being used as a flowerbulb-nursery. From all the spacious camp...

    Zanddijk 321

  • Bazz Scooter Rental

    Bazz Scooter Rental

    Scooter rental in Hippolytushoef for which you do not need a helmet. You can rent with 2 people on one scooter and for half a...

    Koningstraat 6 A

  • Bezoekerscentrum Waddenkust

    Bezoekerscentrum Waddenkust

    Buitenplaats Noordkust in Pieterburen is één van de informatie- c.q. bezoekerscentra van het Groninger landschap langs de kust...

    Hoofdstraat 83
    9968 AB Pieterburen

  • Schoutenhuys


    "Enjoy ""Gerechies van de Schout"" in Het Schoutenhuys. Fourteen different small dishes, each dish different and surprising. The...

    Groeneplaats 14
    1791 CC Den Burg

  • Sport fishing Jorna

    Sport fishing Jorna

    Spent the day at the Wadden Sea. Have fun with your friends or family, go fishing or look for seals. Sport Fishing Jorna offers...

    1779 GV DEN OEVER

  • Timorpark


    In het Timorpark vind je nog de hulppost voor gewonden. Tijdens bombardementen of gevechten kon hier eerste hulp worden geboden...

    Den Helder

  • Regional Museum

    Regional Museum

    The Regional Museum offers newspapers, photographs, uniforms and equipment will show you a vieuw of the second world war in Northern...

    Slotplein 3
    1741 CA SCHAGEN

  • Harsta Hoeve

    Harsta Hoeve

    Fraai gelegen op het landgoed 'Harsta State' in Hegebeintum, vind je in de Harsta Hoeve een gastvrij onderdak, waar je ongestoord...

    Harstawei 23
    9173GA Hegebeintum

  • Restaurant Herberg De Pater

    Restaurant Herberg De Pater

    Welcome to Restaurant Herberg de Pater Our hostel is situated at the foot of "Lauwersmeer National Park" and the old seawall....

    Sylsterwei 26
    9132EL Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen

  • Camping 't Zand

    Camping 't Zand
    Zuiderkanaalweg 2 A
    1731 LW WINKEL

  • Slag bij Heiligerlee

    Slag bij Heiligerlee

    Op 23 mei 1568 werd het grote Spaanse leger vernietigend verslagen door een klein groepje opstandelingen onder leiding van de...

    Provincialeweg 55
    9677 PB Heiligerlee

  • House of Dance

    House of Dance

    Whitney Valk, all-round teacher and founder of House of Dance. Teaching is the best thing there is for her! She enjoys sharing...

    Middenweg 126
    1782 BK DEN HELDER

  • Zeeand Recreatie

    Zeeand Recreatie

    Zeezand Recreatie is located on the North Holland coast. A small-scale holiday park in the middle of the tulip fields and various...

    Bosweg 48
    1756 CJ 'T ZAND NH

  • Museum Tromp's Huys

    Museum Tromp's Huys

    Halfway the Dorpsstraat is the oldest building of Vlieland. It was built shortly after 1575. Museum Tromp's Huys is located here...

    Dorpsstraat 99
    8899 AD Oost-Vlieland

  • Letting agency CAN Vakantiehuizen

    Letting agency CAN Vakantiehuizen

    In the beautiful North Holland coastal area, with it's great diversity of landscapes, CAN Vakantiehuizen offers many cottages...

    1784 EB DEN HELDER

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