The Wadden area is one big festival

There are lots of fantastic festivals in the Wadden area. Not just on the islands but also along the Wadden coast of North Holland, Friesland and Groningen. From small-scale cosy little festivals like MadNes, to big well-known names like Oerol on Terschelling. It’s 2019 and the demand for more sustainable initiatives at all the festivals continues to increase. So what exactly are the various organisations in the Wadden area doing to make their own festivals 'greener'? Our festivals are proof of how culture and nature can go hand in hand.


The theme for Oerol 2019 was ‘changing perspectives'. But how green, aware and sustainable is Oerol's perspective? It is a question that many Oerol visitors wonder about sometimes: but even though Oerol, as an organisation, is pretty quiet about it, it does not mean nothing is going on. The Oerol crew’s motto is: you don’t go around advertising how sustainable you are, you just do it.

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MadNes combines surfing, skating, music and more in a sustainable manner. From sustainable t-shirts to totes from recycled MadNes banners; from the famous KarTent to using circular sewage water. The MadNes organisers are convinced that modern-day festivals do not need to suffer under sustainable organising.

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Hongerige Wolf

Festival Hongerige Wolf is simply pure and fundamentally innovative. No line up with lots of big names, but wander along with us through little-known landscape and discover the raw beauty of new music and the innovative performances. Bands, theatre, visual arts and literature - hay bales and delicious food, you will find it all at Festival Hongerige Wolf.

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Into the Great Wide Open

Since the very first Into The Great Wide Open festival the organisers have done their best to make the event as sustainable as possible. And they are happy to share the knowledge and experience they have gained. This even led to establishing the Lab Vlieland organisation. This year a big step is being taken towards a circular festival, by making travelling around Vlieland fossil-free and upcycling all waste to natural resources.

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