Discover the Frisian militairy heritage

The military heritage along the coast of Friesland tells many different stories. The Casemates are a reminder of the defence of the Afsluitdijk, for friend and foe. The history that played out in the expansive salt marshes Noarderleech is less visible. The observation bunker is the only thing that points to the dummy airport constructed by the Germans. Monuments in various towns and villages tell the tragic stories of ordinary people during the war, such as the unusual story of minister Josef Cohen from Dokkum.

  • How Dokkum celebrates its past

    The admiralty disappeared from Dokkum in 1645, but the city still celebrates its past with a major festival.

    How Dokkum celebrates its past
  • The Frisian Resistance Museum

    The Resistance Museum, part of the Frisian Museum, tells the stories of the people of Friesland during the Second World War.

    The Frisian Resistance Museum
  • Bunker Koehoal

    The only surviving bunker of Stelling Koehoal is a permanent reminder of the air war over Friesland

    Bunker Koehoal
  • Titus Brandsma Museum

    Titus Brandsma spoke against Nazism and that proved fatal. The museum tells his story and that of other, anonymous victims of the war. 

    Titus Brandsma Museum

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