The Wadden area’s most breathtaking routes

Bicycling, walking, boating or driving; choose your mode of transportation and start exploring the Wadden area. We’ve collected the most stunning routes for you on this page. Venture out and enjoy the amazing beauty that makes this area so special. No two days are ever alike in the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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2 hours 10 minutes (13.8 km)

Wandelen met een gids over de toekomstige Boulevard van Holwerd aan Zee. Ervaar de dynamiek van het tij,...

(8.9 km)

(11.8 km)

2 hours 50 minutes (15.3 km)

This route takes you to the Afsluitdijk, a major causway in the Netherlands. It connects North Holland...

7 hours (113.7 km)

The Boschplaat on Terschelling is one of the few places ware rough nature in the Netherlands is at its...

1 hour 10 minutes (664 m)

While biking around the island, feel the salted air through your hair and look out over the Northsea.

2 hours 10 minutes (23.6 km)

The sandy dunes, the wet valleys and the wide beaches, are all part of this rangerpath at the Hollumerdunes...

2 hours (588 m)

An introduction to the various landscapes of Schiermonnikoog: Gem of the Wadden.

3 hours 30 minutes (15.0 km)

This large area with lots of birds and the highest dune, rare vegetation and butterflies is worht to...

55 minutes (1.2 km)

Op de zuidpunt van Texel bevinden zich een aantal kleine gebiedjes met prachtige namen zoals onder andere...

1 hour 30 minutes (7.4 km)

Mount the dunes from Terschelling and discover the dynamic nature during this tough wal over this Wadisland.

(4.6 km)

1 hour 30 minutes (8.7 km)

(39.6 km)

A hike along various parts of poems from Slauerhoff, there he captures the experience of the island.

2 hours 10 minutes (11.0 km)

Langs de Mokbaai naar de Geul, door de duinen via het Vlak naar Paal 9 over het strand naar de Horsvlakte...

(19.0 km)

On Schiermonnikoog you will find the most natural shaped areas. This hike will show you the dynamic landscapes...

3 hours 30 minutes (15 m)

A various bikeride through the asthonishing landscapes of Schiermonnikoog. During the ride you will see...

45 minutes (13.1 km)

This is a lovely hiking trail through an old landscape and past noteworthy sites that tell an interesting...

3 hours 20 minutes (15.9 km)