5 dark spots on the Wadden Islands

Winter time has started again, so that means it gets dark earlier again! But how dark does it actually get these days with all that artificial light? One thing is certain: nowhere do you experience darkness as purely as in the Wadden area. We list five darkness experience spots for you.

The Amelander forest at night

Join the excursion across the beautiful island of Ameland. The excursion starts around dusk at the lighthouse. After a short explanation, you will set off immediately. A lovely walk through the woods and over the beach. You really should take a moment with your binoculars at the top of the beach. If you look towards the west, you will see Terschelling. On the way back through the woods, you will notice that it is already getting dark: the light of the lighthouse is already clearly visible. Once you arrive at the lighthouse, be sure to climb it. The lamps of the lighthouse light up the island completely and in the distance you can see the tower of Terschelling, and sometimes also Schiermonnikoog or Vlieland. Enjoy the view!

Dark Sky Park Lauwersmeer

On the border of Friesland and Groningen, you will find the Lauwersmeer National Park. In 2016, this place was designated a Dark Sky Park, which means that it is dark in this place, that this darkness is preserved here and that you, as a visitor, are welcome to experience the darkness here at night. Now we just have to hope for good weather. On a clear day, you will see thousands of stars in the starry sky and the white glow of the Milky Way all around you. This is a unique location in the Netherlands where you can really enjoy darkness and silence for a while. Tip: From one of the two sky platforms, you can even look at the stars while lying down.

Tour under the stars

Fond of boating? Then sign up now for the trip: Star of Bethlehem. At 19:00 you will board ship Willem Jacob. From Lauwersoog, you will experience four hours of a crazy evening with hopefully lots of stars in the sky. In winter, the sky is much brighter so the stars shine even brighter. Enjoy this view. A guide from the Wadden Association and astronomy expert Adrie Warmerhoven will accompany you. No lack of information. Tip: dress well in advance, it can be very cold.

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Starnbarn at island museum Jan Lont

On the former island of Wieringen, you will find Wieringer island museum Jan Lont. Last year, a new darkness experience spot (Starbarn) was opened here. Take a seat on one of the benches and be surprised by the beautiful universe with constellations. On the ground near this darkness experience spot is another important detail: the constellation and planetarium.

Tip: combine this visit with a beautiful bike ride through Wieringen, where a stop at the Wadden Experience Point, one of the darkest places in the Netherlands, is highly recommended.

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Mudflats at night

Are you a sports enthusiast? Then this tough night hike might be for you! In just over four hours, you will walk with the guides from Holwerd to the mainland of Ameland. Along the way, you will (hopefully) enjoy the beautiful sunrise, so don't forget to enjoy it! Once you arrive on Ameland, you will look for a nice spot for breakfast and coffee. Time to relax. The rest of the day you will have time to discover Ameland yourself.

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