The salty treats of Terschelling

Has it been a life-long dream to pick clams and mussels yourself? You can do this with Flang in de Pan! Flang takes you onto the Wad and lets you collect your own meal. In the meantime you will get to hear all about the island’s culture and nature. Back in the cooking studio in Hoorn you cook your own catch in a large pan to finally be rewarded for all your hard work with a delicious meal by the campfire.

For the best smoked fish you must pay a visit to traditional fish smoker Hans Ditzel. He is a true smoking artist who manages to create a unique scent and taste in a sustainable manner. During the process he tells you everything you want to know about smoking fish in wooden boxes. Sample the pure taste and enjoy the beautiful stories. 

If you really want to be pampered, you should go to dinner at Caracol. The best and freshest ingredients and products from the Wad, their own organic garden and Terschelling are used here. The menu changes every day and in accordance with the seasons. This is why the restaurant doesn’t have a real menu. Discover how Caracol earned its mention in the Gault Millau Gids. 

De Oesterfabriek delivers wild oysters directly from Terschelling to your home! But you can also come and pick them yourself during an excursion. Getting some fresh air on the vast Wadden plains. And afterwards you can taste your own oyster at Caracol, including accompanying wines. A beautiful salty connection, in other words.

If you really want to know what is living in the Wadden Sea and how all of that ends up on your plate, you must go sailing with the TS-3 Viking. This cutter fishes with a funnel-shaped net, a small-scale method that leaves nature intact. The Viking also passes the seal habitat, so you’re sure to spot some of them. And during the trip you get to enjoy freshly caught shrimp and other treats.

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