Wieringer beans with glasswort, lamb’s ear and langoustines



200 g of Wieringer beans
100 g of lamb’s ear, glasswort or parsley
langoustines 2-4 per person
25 g of basil
2 tomatoes


Soak the Wieringer beans in water overnight. Boil the soaked beans for 45 minutes without salt. Stir fry the beans in a pan with the lamb’s ear and glasswort or parsley.

Peel and dice the tomatoes. Mix them with thin strips of basil and olive oil, add pepper and salt from the grinder. Fry the langoustines in oil for a few minutes. Stir the tomatoes in with the beans and add the salty vegetables or parsley. Serve together with the langoustines. 


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Recipes from Annette van Ruitenburg, de Waal Texel- Copyright ©2019 for Visit Wadden

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