Spring chef's clips

The Wadden Sea area is full of surprising local products. Even in winter, there are plenty of local products you can use for delicious dishes. How about strawberries, lamb, and shrimp? They just taste a bit better when you know where they come from. To bring these delights to greater attention, various chefs from the Wadden Sea area have shared their recipes. Five chef's clips have been made for each season. Get your culinary inspiration here for the spring.

Cold springroll - made from samphire, Wadden Sea shrimp, and warm mayonnaise.

Wadden Sea shrimp soup - with cockles

Strawberries Romanoff - in Groningen style

Pastilla of Texel lamb chop - With sea aster

Chawan Mushi - With cockles, shrimp, and mussels

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The Chef's Clips were created within the framework of the program 'Waddengastronomy strengthens World Heritage Experience.' The Wadden Fund enables the program with a financial contribution. The provinces of Noord-Holland, Fryslân, and Groningen co-finance the project, and project partners NHL Stenden and the Waddengroep Foundation/entrepreneurs also contribute their own contributions.

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