Taste of the Wadden for entrepreneurs

The Wadden Sea area is full of surprising local products. Here, you can taste all sorts of delicious treats and see how they grow. Because the land, the mudflats, and the water there are pure products. Entrepreneurs take pride in this. It's no wonder that local entrepreneurs are working on the production and processing of sustainable, tasty, and healthy products. All from the Wadden Sea area. In this way, we collectively enhance the experience and identity of the Wadden Sea area. Because goodness doesn't come from far away, but from nearby. Get inspired here and start exploring the taste of the Wadden on your own.


The partners of the Waddengastronomy program, enhancing World Heritage, aim to establish a high-quality culinary Wadden tradition. With its unique story revolving around the taste of the Wadden, supported by local producers and culinary entrepreneurs. Additionally, a recreational experience centered around taste, healthy food, and mindful living is to be created. This includes networking, inspiration cards & food routes, online marketplaces, knowledge and education, and promoting culinary tourism to bring the rich array of Wadden products to the attention of professionals, residents, and tourists.

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Culinairy inspiration - With products from the Wadden Sea area

Projects and research

What is currently happening in the field of research? How did that project turn out? What were the conclusions, and what is the follow-up? Various projects, assignments, and collaborations are being carried out for the Waddengastronomy strengthens World Heritage project. Explore the outcomes and learn more about all past and current projects.

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Discover the Wadden products - Of this season

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  • Patatoes

  • Samphire

  • Grain

  • Mussels

'Taste of the Wadden for Entrepreneurs' was created within the framework of the program 'Waddengastronomy strengthens World Heritage Experience.' The Wadden Fund enables the program with a financial contribution. The provinces of Noord-Holland, Fryslân, and Groningen co-finance the project, and project partners NHL Stenden and the Waddengroep Foundation/entrepreneurs also contribute their own contributions."

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