Project outcomes of Waddengastronomy

What is currently happening in the field of research? How did that project turn out? What were the conclusions, and what is the follow-up? Various projects, assignments, and collaborations are being carried out for the project 'Waddengastronomy strengthens World Heritage.' Discover here the outcomes of all the research and learn more about all past and current projects.

The Future of 'Waddengoud'

At the moment, there are many different types of certifications available. Entrepreneurs are not always aware that their business may qualify for such a certification. Moreover, they sometimes express difficulty in navigating through the plethora of options. For these reasons, a research initiative has been launched to explore possibilities for the future of the 'Waddengoud' quality label. The research comprises three components: (1) conducting a survey, (2) carrying out interviews, and (3) organizing roundtable discussions where entrepreneurs can engage in dialogue with each other. The research is still ongoing, and it is anticipated that the final report will be completed around May.

Familiarity with Wadden region products

Currently, much of the knowledge regarding the ongoing developments in Waddengastronomy and World Heritage experiences is fragmented and anecdotal. For this reason, a comprehensive baseline study has been initiated. Such a baseline study is not only necessary as a foundation for further knowledge development but also helps to map the existing practices, stakeholders, and target audiences. The research was conducted during the spring, summer, and autumn of 2022. It involved studying visitors and residents of the Wadden Sea region regarding their awareness and experiences with Wadden region products. A questionnaire was distributed at 12 locations across the provinces of Noord-Holland, Friesland, and Groningen to measure regional differences. In total, 1,444 respondents participated in the study.

Wadden region products among entrepreneurs

For the Waddengastronomy program, a survey was conducted in the summer of 2022 among entrepreneurs operating in the Wadden Sea area. The study aimed to understand the use of regional products in business operations, the motivations for working with such products, their value for business operations, and the obstacles entrepreneurs face when working with regional products. In total, 272 entrepreneurs participated in the survey.

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The Wadden Fund enables the program 'Waddengastronomy strengthens World Heritage Experience' with a financial contribution. The provinces of Noord-Holland, Fryslân, and Groningen co-finance the project. Additionally, project partners NHL Stenden and the Waddengroep Foundation/entrepreneurs contribute their own share.

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