Waddengastronomy Program

The partners of the Waddengastronomy strengthens World Heritage program aim to establish a high-quality culinary Wadden tradition. This is achieved through a unique narrative surrounding the taste of the Wadden, supported by local producers and culinary entrepreneurs. Additionally, it involves creating a recreational experience focused on taste, healthy food, and conscious living. Networking, inspiration cards & food routes, online marketplaces, knowledge and education, and promoting culinary tourism are utilized to bring attention to the rich array of Wadden products among professionals, residents, and tourists.

The Wadden Fund supports the program 'Waddengastronomy strengthens World Heritage Experience' with a financial contribution. The provinces of Noord-Holland, Fryslân, and Groningen provide co-funding for the project. Additionally, project partners NHL Stenden and the Waddengroep Foundation/entrepreneurs also contribute their own contributions.

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