Taste the Wadden on Terschelling

If you say Terschelling, you say cranberry. There’s no way around it. Legend has it that they washed ashore on the island after a shipwreck around 1845. Now they colour the dune valleys red during autumn. And they are used in the most wonderful local products. But they are not the only flavour Terschelling has to offer. This is also the perfect spot to taste all the good stuff from the Wadden Sea.

  • De Bras

    Come and enjoy fresh, local food, a drink and relaxation. No place is better than in De Bras.

    De Bras
  • Restaurant De Zee

    Flavour-rich Mediterranean with an island flair made in an original Italian wooden oven. You've got to try it!

    Restaurant De Zee
  • Strandpaviljoen Kaap Hoorn

    A day out on the beach and then straight to Strandpaviljoen Kaap Hoorn for some food and drink.

    Strandpaviljoen Kaap Hoorn
  • Pura Vida Foodbar

    Celebrate life and come hang out in this creative foodbar in the heart of the eclectic village of Midsland.

    Pura Vida Foodbar
  • De Zeekraal

    The Zeekraal sheep graze year-round on the herb-rich graslands. And you can taste it.

    De Zeekraal

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