Villa Zuiderzeewerken 'De Haven'


The detached villa 'De Haven' was built in 1928 for a member of the management of the Zuiderzee Works.

This detached villa was built to house a member of the board who worked on the Zuiderzee works. The building was built in 1928 for engineer Vetter. The double garage belongs to this villa and to the northeastern second executive villa at Gemeenelandsweg 12. The garage has a rectangular floor plan and a height of one storey.

Description villa number 8 (left) The villa is built on a composite floor plan. The building consists of two storeys under a composite thatched roof with overhang. Red frost tiles have been applied to the ridges. The ridge line is intersected by a rectangular brick chimney. The original wooden roof construction is still present. Several dormer windows with sloping chillen have been installed in the roof. The building is constructed of yellow brick above a brown brick plinth. The top facades and part of the facades of the second storey are fitted with panelling. Unless otherwise stated, the windows contain wooden windows with six, eight or more panes of glass.

The front facade has a stepped floor plan, the left part has a bay window on the ground floor on a trapezoidal floor plan, with windows on three sides. On the first floor there is a series of five windows.

Valuation The buildings are of general interest from a cultural and architectural-historical point of view as a well-preserved example of executive villas built as part of the Zuiderzee Works.

Sources Register of monuments via Historical Association Wieringen via

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Here you will find Villa Zuiderzeewerken 'De Haven'

Gemeenelandsweg 8
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