Herberg de Gekroonde Leeuw


Herberg de Gekroonde Leeuw: A household name in Friesland, a surprise for the rest of the world! Wandering along the Frisian paths you will find, near Harlingen, a stately pub in the former tram station with 6 guestrooms.

Herberg De Gekroonde Leeuw has been an excellent location to relax since 1876. At the bar in the pub, old stories are linked to dreams for the future. A rustic place where you can enjoy a drink or a meal on the terrace, in the cafe or the dining room. The inn has 6 guest rooms and 2 function rooms for meetings, parties, buffet dinners, weddings or condolences. You can pay with cash, credit card and pin. Feel free to call if you are at the door outside opening hours; when we are at home we are happy to serve you!

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