Elfstedentocht Turning Point


Sit on a bench shaped like a traditional Frisian ice skate next to the famous turning point on the Elfstedentocht route. This is one of Dokkum’s most popular Instagram hotspots!

Those familiar with the Elfstedentocht tour skating event know that, after getting their cards stamped on the water at De Zijl in the centre of Dokkum, the skaters turn around and head back along the same waterway towards the finish line in Leeuwarden. This stretch of water in Dokkum is known as the turning point of the Elfstedentocht event. If you visit De Zijl, be sure to look at the two benches next to the water. They are shaped like traditional Frisian ice skates. The tip of the skates shows the direction of travel.

For those who have skated, cycled, canoed, or today even swum, the majority of the Elfstedentocht route to get here, what a great feeling it must be to arrive at this point! So at the heart of our beautiful town, there is a place where you can always enjoy a moment on a skate summer or winter. This also happens to be a very popular Instagram hotspot!

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Here you will find Elfstedentocht Turning Point

Vleesmarkt 1
9101 ML Dokkum
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