Westhoek (De Westhoek)


Unexplored gem of a village with just a few farms and dike houses located along the Oudebildtdijk. Here, as a nature lover and seeker of tranquility, you can enjoy expansive vistas. You can smell the salty air from the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Wadd...

This undiscovered gem is located near the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Wadden Sea, northeast of the Eleven Cities town Franeker, northwest of Sint Jacobiparochie, and east of Dijkshoek.

The habitation stretches along the Oudebildtdijk, with dike houses predominantly on the north side and farms on the south side. The Amendyk is also part of the village.

Westhoek, together with Oosthoek, forms its own region and unit. Only Westhoek has obtained village status, and they share a joint village/region interest association. A small part of the village still falls under Sint Jacobiparochie, particularly the land along the Wadden Sea, including the natural area Kwelder Westhoek.

Kwelder Westhoek is an essential high-tide roosting place for shorebirds along the Frisian Wadden Coast. Species like the dunlin, grey plover, and red knot cannot access their food on the submerged mudflats during high tide, so they rest in this elevated area just outside the dike. Bring your binoculars during a visit to Kwelder Westhoek to enjoy the many birds and beautiful views, especially during high tide when you can already observe them from the dike.

In Westhoek, there's also a night garden with a hospitality venue where you can relax and enjoy the beauty you've encountered along the way.

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