Ode to a Dutch landscape

Created by the dynamics of the Wadden, shaped by people. The North Holland landscape along the Wadden coast is relatively unknown. It is a transit landscape. Undeservedly so. Because if you take the time to stop and look around you'll be amazed at what you see. The characteristic Haubarg, for example. If they’re located together in a little ‘swarm’ then you know the landscape has been inhabited for a long time. If they’re in a row then you’re in man-made territory as they were mainly built along the dike in the polders.

Dit wil je lezen - De mooiste Noord-Hollandse verhalen rondom Ode aan het Landschap

  • Dunes as a work of art and a world

    To R.W. van de Wint life was art and art was life. As a painter, sculptor, builder, sketcher and gardener he transformed old inner dunes into a world of its own: De Nollen.

    Dunes as a work of art and a world
  • The stolp farms and the landscape

    When you see square farms with pyramid-shaped roofs, you know you’re in North Holland. But did you know that these Haubargs have a great deal more to reveal about the landscape?

    The stolp farms and the landscape

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