8 sustainable Wadden getaways


The Wadden area offers endless opportunities for sustainable tourism and adventure. By undertaking these sustainable outings, you'll be contributing to the preservation of this unique and fragile area so that future generations can enjoy it too. So put on your boots, grab your binoculars and get ready for these eight green Wadden adventures not to be missed.

Hands on mentality

Why walk on dry land when you can also slog through the mud? And do something against the plastic soup in the meantime? During the Do eens Was excursions, you sail to a beautiful sandbank in the middle of the Wadden Sea, between Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, where you enjoy the beautiful nature and get your hands dirty in the meantime. Due to the current of the sea, a lot of waste ends up here. Enough for us to clean up again. The ideal outing for anyone who loves a bit of mud, adventure and the world.

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Fill your bags on the food routes

If you love good food, you will love the food trails in the Wadden area. Visit local farms and fishing villages and taste the delicious, fresh dishes they have to offer. Here you will enjoy fresh and sustainably produced dishes and taste delicious seafood and organic products. Discover the taste of the Wadden, preferably on foot or by bike, of course.

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On a treasure hunt

A day of beachcombing is like a treasure hunt for adults. Look for interesting finds, such as washed-up objects, shells and pieces of driftwood. Not only is it fun, but you also contribute to keeping the shoreline clean and preserving the environment. Also like to get creative? Create unique works of art or souvenirs from your found sea debris. A beautiful Wadden keepsake.

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Adopt native flowers

Have you ever dreamed of having your own field on Texel filled with beautiful native flowers, contributing to flora and fauna? On Texel, this dream is becoming a reality. By taking the unique opportunity to adopt a square meter of land for only €15, you are directly contributing to the protection of the Texel black bee and other native species.

Gardener Vincent Lap of Tuinderij Texel is taking the lead in this inspiring initiative. With your support, he will sow a piece of land with specially selected native seeds, tend the emerging greenery and keep you informed with a monthly newsletter. To thank you, you will receive not only a certificate as proof of your contribution, but also an invitation to pick your own bunch of flowers and visit the land. There are even opportunities to get a tour of the flower field from the farmer.

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Build a bat box

The Wadden area is home not only to countless birds and marine animals, but also to bats. These nocturnal insect hunters play a crucial role in the ecosystem. So too in the Wadden area. Do your bit for nature by building a bat box. For example at the Lauwersmeer. Here they offer workshops where you can learn how to do this. Who knows, maybe you will be visited at night by these mysterious flying mammals.

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Visit the visitor centers

To learn more about nature, conservation and sustainability efforts in the Wadden area, visit the various visitor centers. Here you will find information about the flora and fauna, educational exhibitions and often fun activities for children. So plenty to do for young and old. Moreover, with your visit you support nature conservation efforts.

Discover nature by hiking

One of the best ways to experience the Wadden area is by hiking. There are countless hiking trails that take you through the beautiful natural surroundings. Whether you take a forest walk through Lauwersmeer National Park, get a breath of fresh air on the sea dike or take a walk on the beach; here you will discover the Unesco World Heritage Wadden Sea. Don't forget to be respectful of nature and bring litter to keep the area clean.

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Studio Tosca

Tosca makes art from jut plastic on Terschelling. She gets her plate material from De Jutfabriek and she makes the most beautiful illustrations on it. By buying such an artwork you easily get a few kilos of plastic from the island and you have a beautiful memory of a nice place.

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