Beach entrance Huisduinen

Beach entrance Huisduinen lies almost under de most beautiful and oldest lighthouse of the Netherlands, called ''de Lange Jaap'' and is named after the old village Huisduinen, which lies directly next to it. This beach is a nice and quiet family beach, with its own paviljon ''Factor 30''. You can find the toilets and beach shower here. In de surrounding area there is a beautiful old fort - ''Fort Kijkduin'', which you can visit. It has a magnificent sea fish tank, and a overview of the history of this fort. You can walk and cycle in a big dune area ''de Grafelijkheidsduinen''. This area used to be owned by the Earls of Egmond, later it was used to extract water. Now it is used a lot as a recreational area.


Admiraal Verhuellplein (Naast Fort Kijkduin) 1
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