Taste the Wadden in Groningen

From the grain republic along the Dollard to the sustainable fishermen near Lauwersoog. The Wadden coast of Groningen is all in good taste. Discover the rich farmlands, delicious products and unique crops. Or set sail with a fisherman and taste the sea. One thing is certain, your taste buds will keep begging for more. And there's almost always a fascinating story or two to go along with each product.

  • Cheese from the farmer

    Martin Wiersema and Jolanda Roggeveld make cheese from unpasteurised milk on their farm. It's more than worth the detour.

    Cheese from the farmer
  • The art of enjoyment

    Genuine Groninger dishes, such as the povverd, are served in the authentic workers' house at this gallery. Delicious with a glass of elderflower juice.

    The art of enjoyment
  • Wadden pigs bathe in clay

    The Bonte Bentheimers of Waddenvarkens enjoy wallowing in mud and clay. Pay a visit to this small-scale organic pig farm.

    Wadden pigs bathe in clay
  • Groninger sobriety?

    Groningers are often called sober. But they do make a devilishly delicious wine. Visit the Hof winery and don't forget to do some tasting.

    Groninger sobriety?
  • A drink and a snack

    All aboard the Najade for the Wadden's version of a drink and a snack. Sail and dine; then cast ashore on one of the Wadden's sandbanks and spend the night under the stars.

    A drink and a snack

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